How Important is Previz for Films?! – Film School’d

How Important is Previz for Films?! – Film School’d
Before the cameras start rolling, a filmmaker has to know what they intend to put to picture. Unless, of course, they want to burn tons of money on film stock and crew overtime. But when millions of dollars are on the line, you’d better have your visual ducks in a row. Subscribe:

Previsualization is the art of visualizing the movie before shooting the movie. From sketches in the early days, to storyboards, to mocking up sequences with toys… filmmakers have been “pre-visualizing” film for as long as there has been film. Advanced technology has made previs a multi-step, multi-layered art form unto itself.

Today in Film School’D, its an introduction to previs. From Walt Disney’s storyboards to the live performance capture in Avatar. And everything in between. It’s the technology that makes summer blockbusters possible.

What did you think – did you learn something new? Did you get SCHOOL’D? Do you think previs technology has been a boon to the film industry, or do you think films are getting too big for their britches? What other topics would you like to see covered on future episodes of Film School’D?

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